Template:P22 April 2010

Template:PDon't ban books" -- Anti-Scientology activists speak out against Russian censorship of L. Ron Hubbard's works.

Template:PClearwater, Florida - April 22, 2010 - The internet activist group, Anonymous, supports Scientology's right to freedom of speech. Founded to oppose censorship by Scientology, the group supports open access to information.

Template:P"Because I totally disagree with everything in Dianetics, I fully support Scientology's right to publish it freely and to make it available to everyone" said one member.

Template:P"People all over the world should be able to discover the true absurdity of Hubbard's phony religion. Scientology is a dangerous cult and a threat to society, but forms the greatest threat to its own members" another commented.

Template:P]Scientology, now a billion-dollar multinational corporation, was invented in 1952 by Lafayette Hubbard, a science-fiction writer whose works include "Typewriters In The Sky", "Beyond The Black Nebula" and "This Ship Kills!"

Template:PRussian authorities have banned 28 of Hubbard's books which they claim call for "crimes motivated by ideological and religious hatred" and contain "ideas justifying violence in general and in particular any methods of resistance against critics of Scientology." The Russians argue "the works have clear as well as hidden calls for social and religious hatred".

Template:PAnonymous believes censorship can only raise Scientology's profile. All Scientology materials should be freely available for public criticism and debate. This is why we continue to support the online publication of Scientology's secret texts, for which the cult charges its followers up to $500,000.

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