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The following is a list of people that either have suffered under the policy of disconnection imposed by the Church of Scientology (CoS) or were otherwise direct participants. The names listed include both former members and non-members affected.

The names are listed alphabetically by last name. While as of the last count, there are 389 names on this list, you may want to see the big list of all Former CoS members who have spoken out, because disconnection is generally an ever-present menace for everyone involved as the consequence of being declared a Suppressive Person by the CoS.


L. Ron Hubbard talking about Disconnection

To refute claims by the CoS that disconnection is a personal choice for the parishioner, a link is provided for each name to declarations, affidavits, testimonies, etc. that disconnection is in fact coerced or even forced upon members.

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If you want your own name added here, please use at least your real full first and last names when filling the form in at detailing your relationship to either who disconnected from you, or who you were required to disconnect from.

Direct edits to this wiki without a link to a story published online will be reverted.

If you know of a page or video online with a disconnection story not already on this list and real names are given, please post it to which helps with disclosure before being added here.

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