Ok, have gone though the Anonymous: List your skills thread, and pulled out all the posts of those who have been online here (WWP) this year 2010. Anonymous: People's skills list draft

Last Activity: Past Week Edit

User Post link Skills summary
Anonymous612 Link to post Writing (Essay/Article-length stuff)
Django Link to post Musician. Film and Video composer. General Audio guy.
Anon556 Link to post Some ability with Java and C++. Good at optimizing code for speed and effeciency.
Subrosa Link to post Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Electronic Intercept Technician
ScudMuffin Link to post Flyer/Sign/Poster Design & Creation, Video Creation, Analysis and Planning, Liason (Police mostly, and council, some with media)
Ironhead Link to post Good with videos and writing. Works with audio visual equipment for raid purposes. Translator Serbo/Croatian
Avideogameplayer Link to post Writier/Blogger
BaAon Link to post Shoop and Flash
Namenlos Link to post Graphic design, Photography, Also has a laminator & Learning Derren Brown psychology
ChurchOfCylontology Link to post Has some legal skills and a lot of financial analysis and business skills. (Has a few degrees in all that.)
HubbardyCupboardy Link to post Freelance photographer, does journalism in spare time and love writing, confident in talking to the public/leafletting
LocalSP Link to post Can build pretty much anything or can do "How To's"

Excellent Photographer sadly lacking good equipment. 25 years experience.

Genxanon Link to post Grammar/Spelling Nazi, I am a hands on person.
Anon0004 Link to post Writing, Databases, Prgramming, Routers & Firewalls (Cisco), & Some Languages (English, German, French, Latin)
Juche Link to post Photoshopping, Photographing, Postermaking, Text editing
Zebrafaced Link to post Charisma and nearly-pro photography skillz
Ogsonofgroo Link to post Writing, Music, Research, Art, Listening.
BlooAnon Link to post Graphic Designer, Typography, Type setting, Illustrator, Web Designer(learning CSS) & Adobe-ing (Photoshop / Illustrator/ Flash & Action Script {learning}/After Effects (Learning)
Sanjuricus Link to post Writing.
Anonym0us Link to post Grammar Nazi. Musician...
Optimisticate Link to post Research skills and putting together tangents that don't appear to be related.
Rickglass Link to post Public speaking, Morale-booster & OSA spotter
Ancientone Link to post Web design, photography, video, writing, publishing, public speaking
Ryangiggs Link to post Research. Creative ideas
Zackzero Link to post Web Hosting: Web Research: Picket Monitoring:
Anon777707777 Link to post PR, programming, public speaking, writing, and some legal grounding.
Crockhat Link to post IT. Collating Information.
DrLux Link to post Data gathering, Linux security and IT security in general

Last Activity: May 2010 Edit

User Post link Skills summary
Cubby Link to post Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Scriptwriting, Voiceover, Filming & Editing.
JimmyJames Link to post Photoshooping. Photography. Video. Video editing. Flyer design.
PenneNoodles Link to post Easily approached by the public during protests.
Rihan Link to post organisation. translating - german + english)
VictoireFlamel Link to post I'm a hollywood/mediafag. I like to help. That is all.

Good at writing tl;dr that is easily misinterpreted.

Kambridge Link to post Photoshooping. Photography. Flyer design.
SciFITOlogy Link to post Online research. Video editing. Sound editing. Website layouts. Shooping. Speaking to Police. Has access to a governmental lawyer.

10+ years in 7 different computer languages, extensive networking, database and tech experience. Game and interactive application experience.

Last Activity: April 2010 Edit

User Post link Skills summary
Anon515 Link to post Copy Editor/Proofreading, Mailing/Contact List Creation, Internet Research, Graphic Design (posters, fliers, cards etc).
AnonymousBowler Link to post Online research and writing, especially press releases.
Skwee Link to post Writing, Proof-reading. Translating to & from Finnish, Swedish, English.

Last Activity: March 2010 Edit

User Post link Skills summary
AlabamaAnon Link to post Writing, Public Speaking/Recruitment & Military security/law enforcement
Mouseyhair Link to post Media spokesperson. Press contact. Grammar nazi. Research. Enturbulator. Artfag: signs, flyers. Speaks English, Dutch and German

Has a OCMB account and Several Hubbard books. Wiki editor Scanfag and dedicated media thread starter. Local Anon contact

Cbusanonandon Link to post Written-word editing and suggestions for fiction, essay, research, etc. Logical
Pwnon Link to post A Motivator. Skill with one-liners and dry, sarcastic humor.

Has a large MP3 collection and CD collection, ALL legally obtained.

FromTheMountain Link to post Graphics (mostly layouts than designing), Writing - especially letters, etc., Web - But of course. I'm good at following cross references, but fail at script and such.
Kybo Link to post Essay + Creative writing. Contacting Media sources to get attention. Some Organizational skills. Artist: Posters, Signs, Limited photoshop skills. Public Speaking:
Anonymeep Link to post Talking to people
Skoek Link to post Education in psychology; Cognitive and Clinical behavioural.

Proession in journalism and multi media creation and marketing. Experience in medicine.

Last Activity: Feburary 2010 Edit

User Post link Skills summary
HeavenlySins Link to post Programmer Researcher (Both online and offline.)

Moderate writing ability. logical. Amazing patience (when distracted)

DaftAnon Link to post Translating - French, Dutch, Italian, working on German), Dancing, Writing, solving elongated math equations, avid Electrical Engineering (robots!!!)
Justachataholic Link to post Semi-professional graphite artist and photographer...I also play bass guitar and has abit of knowledge of military-type stuff

Last Activity: Janurary 2010 Edit

User Post link Skills summary
Orderous Link to post Science. Has access and can use, many of the most used journals and scholarly search engines. I can read and understand the information, and make it easier to understand for the average person.
**Zero** Link to post Writing. Philosophy
Grayeyes Link to post Writing. Creative, Artistic. Brainstorming. Web site design

Likes debating. Enjoys psychology. Computer person. Not too good in graphics

Anon2487 Link to post Writing, Phone-based & Internet Research.
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