This is a glossary of the terms used in the [COS_Organization_Chart_with_footnotes|COS Organization Chart].

AcronymFull nameUp
Template:AnchorABLEAssociation for better living and education
AFBWIArtists for a better world International
AOLAAdvanced Organization Los AngelesCSWUS
AOSHAdvanced Organization Saint Hill
AOSHEA Advanced Organization Saint Hill Europe and Africa
AOSHUKAdvanced Organization Saint Hill (UK)
ASApplied scholastics (International)Template:Target
ASHOAmerican Saint Hill Organization
Template:AnchorASIAuthor Services IncTemplate:Target
AVCIAuthorization, Verification and Correction InternationalTemplate:Target
BMSBuilding Management ServicesTemplate:Target
BPIBridge Publications, IncTemplate:Target
CCFCherish the Children Foundation, Inc
Template:AnchorCCHRCitizen's Commission on Human RightsTemplate:Target
CC(I)Celebrity Centre (International)
CCVClearwater Community Volunteers
CEOChildren’s Estates Organization
Class V Orgs
CLOContinental liaison office
CLO ANZOCLO Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
Template:AnchorCMO(I)Commodore's messenger organization (International)Template:Target
COBChairman of the board [of RTC]
COSChurch of scientology
COS IncChurch of scientology Inc (in Australia)-
COSAIChurch of scientology AustraliaCLO ANZO
CSFFSOChurch of Scientology Flag Service Organization
Template:AnchorCSIChurch of scientology InternationalTemplate:Target, Template:Target
C/S IntCase Supervisor InternationalTemplate:Target
CSRTChurch of scientology religious trust [1]Template:Target
Template:AnchorCSTChurch of spiritual technology
Template:AnchorCSWUSChurch of scientology western US [2]Template:Target
DASDanish Association of ScientologistsIAS
DCIDianetics Centers InternationalSMI
DFIDianetics Foundation InternationalTemplate:Target, CST
DFMDrug Free MarshallsTemplate:Target
EASEuropean Association of ScientologistsIAS
ES(I)Executive Strata InternationalTemplate:Target
FCBFlag command bureauIMEC
FCSRFlorida Citizens for Social Reform. Inc
FlagShortcut for FSO
Flag (base)Base in Clearwater, FL
FON Friends of Narconon Narconon
FNCCFlag Network Coordination Committee
Freedom MagazineTemplate:Target
FRFFoundation for Religious Freedom [3]
FSOFlag Service Organization
FSMField staff members
FSTFlag ship trust
GEPGolden Era Productions
Gold (base)Base in Hemet, CA
HASIHubbard Association of Scientologists InternationalIAS
HCAHubbard College of AdministrationTemplate:Target)
HELPHollywood Education and Literacy Project
HGBEOHollywood Guaranty Building Estates Organization
HROHuman Rights OfficeTemplate:Target
IADSInternational Academy of Detoxification Specialists
Template:AnchorIASInternational association of scientologistsTemplate:Target, Template:Target
IASAIAS Administrations, Inc [4]IAS
IFOInternational Finance OfficeTemplate:Target
IGNInspector General Network [5]Template:Target
IHELPInternational Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of PastorsTemplate:Target
ILOInternational Landlord OfficeTemplate:Target
IMECInternational Management Executive CommitteeES(I)
IMPROInternational Management Public Relations Office
Template:AnchorIMSANVInternational Membership Services Administration, N.V. (NL ?)?
INCOMMInternational Network of Computer Organized Management
Int Base(see GOLD)-
LEAPLiteracy, Education and Ability ProgramAPI
LRHPPOLRH Personal Public Relations Office InternationalTemplate:Target
ManorSaint Hill Manor (UK)-
MCLMCL Services, Nassau
Mile High Incbuit vaultsTemplate:Target
Template:AnchorMSALMembership Services Administrations Ltd (UK)?
MTICMembership Tour Independent ContractorsIAS
NarcononNarconon InternationalTemplate:Target
NEPNew Era Publications International ApS (DK)Template:Target
OSAOffice of special affairsFCB
PACPacific Area CommandTemplate:Target
PAOPublic Affairs Office, Washington DCTemplate:Target
PBCPacific Base Crew
PDOPlanetary Dissemination Org [6]INCOMM
RADRiders Against Drugs
RPFRehabilitation project forceTemplate:Target
Template:AnchorRTCReligious technology center-
SAGESet a Good Example (Foundation) [7]WTH(FI)
SIPROScientology International Properties Renovations Organization
SIRTScientology International Reserves Trust (UK)Template:Target
Template:AnchorSMIScientology Missions InternationalTemplate:Target
SOSea Org?
SORSSea Org Reserves (UK) Ltd (to be confirmed)SIRT
Trementina (NM)vault siteTemplate:Target
TWTHThe way to happinessWTHFI
UHRUnited for human rights
USIASMT U.S. IAS Members' TrustIAS
VMVolunteer ministersTemplate:Target
WAHEWorld Association of Hubbard EnterprisesTemplate:Target
Template:AnchorWDCWatchdog committeeTemplate:Target
Template:AnchorWISEWorld institue of scientology enterprises
WLCWorld Literacy Crusade
WOTFWriters of the futureTemplate:Target
Template:AnchorWTH(FI)Way to happiness (foundation International)
YFHRIYouth for human rights InternationalCCHR

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