Getting to the songs is difficult, the site is covered with advertisements for gaming sites, perhaps more and it's hard to tell which is the button that gets to the songs and which button leads to gambling sites.

  1. Nuclear Bubble Wrap - ScientLOLojyuuichi
  2. MC Lars - Party at the Church of Scientology
  3. Tim Cameron - Scientology is.... nice
  4. Jonothan Coulton - Tom Cruise Crazy
  5. El P - Flyentology
  6. Frank Zappa - A token of my Extreme
  7. The Fabulous Entourage - The Way That it Began
  8. The Fabulous Entourage - L Ron Hubbard
  9. The Gun Shys - Join the Movement
  10. South Park - "This is what Scientologists actually believe"
  11. The Flobots - We are winning
  12. The Flobots - There's a War going on for your mind
  13. Supergrass - In it for the money
  14. Anonymous - WE RUN THIS
  15. The Presets - Steamworks (background music of WE RUN THIS)
  16. Cake - Comfort Eagle
  17. Internet - Brave Agent Pubit

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