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The why and how of harpooning Edit

Going For The Kill Edit

Template:PAnonymous has seriously damaged the Scientology brand. The inflow of raw-meat is a trickle (if that), ex's and critics are increasingly speaking out, and the media is not afraid to run (accurate) negative stories for fear of litigation. Now is the time to end the tax-payer funding of fraud and abuse, by effectively harpooning governments in all the continents in which they trade.

Template:PNearly Finished. Many titles to choose from now: - PDF heaven

Template:PWanted: Stories / Reports / Suitable documents


An office twat told me Edit

Template:PTo prove his point, a nameless office worker commented that all those "Security of the Nation" summaries are in PDF format - Every CoS website is full of them - Every government report you go for on the web - What format is it?

Template:PPDF documents make excellent Harpoons. When detailed information is being shared electronically, PDF's are the preferred format for lobby groups charities and governments themselves.

Template:PWhen harpooning you should include:


Template:PThis also means less typing for you, since the bulk of the information is in the PDF!



Template:PPeople in big offices push paper around in meetings, without regard for the rain forest, carbon foot prints with the photo copier or anything.

Template:PSo, if your email contains a decent essay/report pdf, which contains information on:


Template:P...then it will likely be distributed, whereas a link to a video will not.

Template:PRemember - the reason for this is also because most office computers don't have speakers, some don't have flash. Every recipient who wants to use your info in a meeting will find it much easier to do if they can "print a report". Heck, they even get brownie points for research, much easier than printing odd pages from, right?


Harpoon-able PDF's Edit

Template:PSince sharing is caring - Here is my small library of harpoon-able PDF's for your consumption:

Template:P(Soon to be hosted on a respectable looking site - an enhanced version of Scientology Information - with even more PDF's)

General Edit

Template:P* A long list of Scientology front groups with brief details.

Template:P* HCO/PL 15 FEB 1966: Attacking Scientology (Note: I'm expecting Aaron Saxton's edited version of this file any day, with CMO/OSA level orders added.)

Template:P* Heavy Scientology infiltration of the National Foundation of Women Legislators (Information verified by barbz, imported from lermanet)

Template:P* Scientology's corporate structure (Completely stolen for Dave Toureski's site)


Study Tech Edit

Template:P* Dave Toureski's excellent essay in PDF format (Completely stolen from


Narconon / Criminon Edit

Template:P* Narconon Report for Norway government

Template:P* Stunning personal account


CCHR Related Edit

Template:P* UK prison service attitude to criminon - official


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