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Here's my current ban list. I don't like having to mop up Scipoop in my personal channel every day.

These users have been caught (or accused of) spamming abusive, dishonest, or retarded comments on anti-Scientology / anti-NarCONon videos and user channels, or they are (possible) sockpuppets for primary Scitroll accounts (e.g., the most prolific and abusive trolls on YT, such as ARCwins, biglizard45, draziom99, xemutv, Butterfiygrrl).

Please note that some lowercase "L"s may actually be uppercase "i"s because YT is stupid and uses a san-serif font that makes such subterfuge easy; I tried to indicate an i masquerading as an L when I could. Trolls will also try substituting the number one for a lowercase "L" or capital "i". Please note also that some zeroes may actually be uppercase "O"s.


PROTIP: You can use your browser's Options to set your san-serif font to a serif font, at least temporarily. This will thwart any troll using the visual confusion between a capital "i" and a lowercase "L" in his / her / its screenname; 99% of the time, a screenname using this confusion is a troll. You can defuse the effectiveness of that tactic.

PROTIP: If the asshat trolling you has 2 or fewer videos, it's a sign, though not conclusive proof, that they are probably on YouTube specifically to troll. If the asshat trolling you has NO videos, but has (a) troll subscriber(s), it's probably a sock.

PROTIP: When trying to determine if a person who is asking to be your YouTube Friend is going to be a buttboil of a troll, check his/her Friends list. See any familiar trolls listed as Friends? Might as well save your time deleting their crap later and just block them pre-emptively. Your time is valuable; thwart a bungwart today! (Do note that some trolls gather innocents and uninvolved parties to make themselves look just as benign.)

PROTIP: You may or may not wish to block or counter-troll or report these users (IF they bother you before you block them).

PROTIP: If you decide to counter-troll some of these people, be aware that they may have been Friended by a troll, and thus have been falsely associated with tardery when they are merely uninformed or misinformed. Counter-trolling a confused YT user does not help protest the abuses of Scientology; it just makes you look worse than the Scitards that befriended the innocent or confused users before you did. </commonsense>

Key / abbreviations usedEdit

PN = Promotes NarCONon. PTS= Potential Tardery Source

Trolls / Socks / Accounts to watchEdit


  • Template:YouTube User (anti-psychiatry; promoting CoS edit of John Sweeney / BBC Panorama interview; probable sock)
  • Template:YouTube User (A YT buddy of VaLLarrr's, ShaySpirit75's, biglizard45's and about 30 more trolls; LRH fan, anti-psychiatry, and "stupid--drooling over the prospect that LRH is reincarnating any second now".)


  • Template:YouTube User (anti-Chanology; attacks Magoo; also, another Paul Carnes / Mr Fetch type. Best to ignore; giving him attention makes his day. Deflects logic like Teflon sloughs off sticky food. (quote: "I am Admiral SARJbosa, cofounder and prominent member of the Pirates Guild. I have a long and sordid history on the internet. [...] Be advised that just because I am a deliberate instigator, does not make my inflammatory statements any less heartfelt or genuine.")
  • Template:YouTube User (One member of "xemutv," notorious hive of YT trolls sharing the xemutv account. Anon says: "[He] "left xemutv" because didn't agree with them. Tries to keep everything related to Scientology off his channel and tries to recruit musicians.")
  • Template:YouTube User (This troll is suspended--surprisingly, its bad grammar skills were not the cause. Anon explains: "Since two protesters were outed by Scientologists for their supposedly HIV+ status we need to fight back on all fronts. This was not a typical troll. Its background photo was of a concentration Camp video and all its videos were concentration camps; the point was that all gays should be rounded up and killed...and also they had a gun graphic that said "take this gun and kill a faggot". This not "free speech". Now that people's health records are being illegally released, we need as many non-homophobic protesters as possible. Keep fighting for the truth." Apparently, gay rights groups were going to be informed about this waste of oxygen.)
  • Template:YouTube User (Scitroll, friend of trolls. tard (quote: "I am a Scientologist, I love Scientology. It has changed my life for the better and nobody can say otherwise. I know Scientology works, and LRH said whatever is true to you is the truth! So any of you religious bigots out there who think you know my religion better than I do, do your research! LRH is the greatest man to have ever graced the earth, and if you don't believe that, then how come Dianetics is the authority on the mind? CHECK-MATE."))
  • Template:YouTube User (spoofs Anon, steals videos, "smugfag claiming Anons molest children, trolls bereaved anti-Sci parents")
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS, butthurt Scitroll, friend of trolls, probable scientologyandme sock, asks personal questions to try to ID Anons e.g., asking what identifying items you wore in a faux-friendly "don't we know each other?" tone, and addressing you by a pseudonym they think is you (rather than one belonging to one of a group of you or someone you know) and pretends to be Anon to befriend Anons (some of whom have blocked their comments to Friends only) while posting offensive shit like "Sean Lonsdale Dies From Aids and Selling his ASSHOLE. Lets kick the SHIT out of those Scifags! Expect US!" Brand new sock-troll, and already reported over 9000 times. Quick work, Anons.)
  • Template:YouTube User (Os are zeroes; anti-Anon videos, friend of trolls, anti-"moralfag"; (quote: "I see no progress with Anonymous, the newfags call themselves Anonymous 2.0 when in reality they're just fucking idiots who didn't take the time to simply browse the 4chan related content, absorb, and understand what was going on and jumped right into the posting of what they thought was hysterical. Anonymous is no longer funny because Anonymous 2.0 has no original content..."); "tedious".)
  • Template:YouTube User (Tries to pretend to be Anonymous, is a troll wanting to be friended on YT so it can, for example, graffiti nonsense in friends-locked comment sections.)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS, files fraudulent DMCA complaints, threatens YT users, oschaper/4getxenu sock evading ban ("Schaper is back on YouTube as 'ARCwins' (hmmm, what does that username tell you?), and thereby evading the suspension of his 'Oschaper' account"); threatened to display an Anon's dead pet as a trophy on his/her/its desk; "just threated me with my dox. This guy is OSA.")
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS, probable biglizard45 sock, CoS apologist, friend of trolls; marks anti-CoS comments as spam to try to get YT to boot Anons and allies)


  • Template:YouTube User (probable ShaySpirit75 troll, friend of trolls. (quote: "You must read Dianetics: The Moderns Science of Mental Health. This book will help you. Dianetics contains the full description of the previously unknown source of unreasonable fears, and insecurities—the Reactive Mind.") Signs posts "ARC, Amanda".)
  • Template:YouTube User (possible sock of MartinLuther105; friend of trolls, otherwise probably deluded underage B& Scilon, or troll's relative)
  • Template:YouTube User (Sock puppeteer: primary account of a bunch of socks.; PN, "Shill for Narconon. Doesn't say anything more substantive than Narconon Saved My Life!". Easiest to just go to this user's account and block all "friends" of the user.)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; promoting Miscavige interviews and CoS disinformation about John Sweeney / BBC Panorama; (quote: "A message to the criminal anti-cult fanatics who keep on sending me death threats: YouTube can track down your real ID and location, they have to because your are likely to commit a criminal act. Ever been prosecuted in the US? Not a nice thing. [...] Sweeney lied about the "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" Museum. There is no such pictures in there.")
  • Template:YouTube User (Anon says: "He outed himself (at ESMB) as ScientologyWisdom. He was mad about someone misquoting something ScientologyWisdom had posted and admitted it was his Youtube name. He is into drugs, like peyote, acid, etc., from what I gathered. He's an ex but still defends Scientology to a degree. He really likes Bjork. lol. I guess he missed her freakin SWAN outfit at the Oscars. Just sayin'.")
  • Template:YouTube User (Scitroll (quote: "We're upstat all over the world. Sorry to disappoint. Fuck off Anonymous!"))
  • {{YouTube User|bravehartbear* {{YouTube User| ("Friend and supporter of Scientology, YT subscriber/friend of DarthTrayal and anonymousdouble07. Hereby convicted of general douchery without a permit.")
  • Template:YouTube User (The "L" in "fly" is actually a capital "i", a common YT tard trick. MAJOR PTS, Sock puppeteer: MAJOR buttwart; primary account of a bunch of socks. Easiest to just go to this user's account and block all "friends" of the user. Will whine and bitch and post spammed crap on your channel as you do--with various accounts--until you block them all; obsessed with ANUS. Spoofs legitimate Anon, ButterfLygrrl, to discredit Anon.)


  • Template:YouTube User (Anon says: "He's not a Scilon or a troll, just really stupid and leaves stupid comments on peoples' videos. Such as how we're not treating them aggressively enough because all Scientologists are bad and the Ex-Scientologists are just as bad, etc.")
  • Template:YouTube User (CoS apologist, albeit a contradictory and addled one. Anon elaborates: "His MO appears to be to leave a comment on an Anon's YouTube profile. Usual posts will very likely always include the oft-repeated question "What are your crimes?" and a blunt comparison between Anon and the Nazis, hoping to bait targets into replying to him in kind so that he can play victim and use them as examples of what he argues to be Anon's hostility towards ALL Scientologists. His repeated use of and stated reasons for asking the question "What are your crimes?" is highly ironic, considering that he insists to everyone on his profile (in all caps) "I AM NOT BRAINWASHED" (when grilled that he only asks this question because it's the response all Scientologists are conditioned to rationalize and give when confronting critics, he did everything he could to CONFIRM that this was the case).")
  • Template:YouTube User (verified Butterfiygrrl sock, spoofing legitmate Anon cultssuck to discredit Anon))


  • Template:YouTube User (Scitroll; friend of trolls. (quote: "To all the misinformed Scientology-critics: Just go to an org and see for yourself what Scientology really is about. Ask an auditor about the e-meter and he will gladly assist you. Great satisfaction and enlightenment will follow, i promise. [...] Scientology isn't just another cheap religion. Your money will be well spent![...] Scientology has provided me with the means to shutter suppression and i will apply these means. [...] Anonymous is the true antisocial personality not me. [...] I am already on the bridge. I am on the way to total Freedom and proud of it."))
  • Template:YouTube User (spoofing a legitimate Anon, DarthTraial, to discredit Anon, possibly retired after his dox got dropped, actually "put shoe over head" to placate Anonymous)
  • Template:YouTube User (Sock of finshees; has FYIAD symptoms, only it's FYIAVampire instead. Is probably harmless lamer.)
  • Template:YouTube User ("powersoulboy, stillonvacation, and ddollhoff (the first two are definitely the same person, and the third is either another sockpuppet or a buddy of the other guy). All three of these characters reference each other, defend each others statements, POST AT THE SAME TIME OF DAY, and mostly like to insist that they are involved in humanitarian projects which are more beneficial to the world than protesting Scientology while refusing to keep an open mind and look at any relevant information you may have about the dangers of Scientology")
  • Template:YouTube User (probable sock; anti-psychiatry, friend of trolls; possible alterative name Disseminator8008)
  • Template:YouTube User (troll. Quote: "As you can see...your anonymous group has fallen by my hands. The forever knights, the 11 supernovas, and the unknown guardians have over 62 people pretending to be anonymous so you furfags have failed. I have killed an anonymous in rl and it felt great and they arrested thier family members too.")
  • Template:YouTube User (Sock puppeteer: primary account of a bunch of socks. Self-hating homosexual. These quotes pretty much sums him up: '...listen you pseudoscience psychiatric cult lover. There is not a single test to prove mental illness exists. Your theories and opinions are down right laughable. Go get some psych drugs and a few sessions of ECT and soak your brain in psych drugs and burn in psychiatric hell fucker!!!' [and] 'Freedom to practice and believe is NOT defined by YOU. Reffering To Scientology as a "Cult" could get you in trouble, so i suggest you keep your mouth shut. The Church of Scientology has a lot of power and i wouldn't fight against it. We have an objective and that is to wipe out the pseudoscience and cult of psychiatry and psychology and bring freedom, and human rights and dignity for all. If you try and stop us you shall be arrested and prosecuted for hate crimes against a religion.')
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS, (quote: "people, leave scientology alone, it actually tries to help people. Humans, spiritually. L Ron is from the 50's, they talked differently that time, I've met many awesome african scientologists."))
  • Template:YouTube User (New troll on the block, be sure to welcome it to the party. Anon says: "First appeared at the videos (all mirrors) of Orange anon at Gold base and claimed not to be scilon but having an opinion on that. Later admitted to be scilon. Wrote and writes many PMs to anons and tries to agitate the anons against each other ("the others are lying to you bla bla"). Claims to have very often dinner with DM." Whattamarroon!)


  • Template:YouTube User (PN, "deluded Christian that is mixing his views with that of the CoS," "Pro-Narconon.")
  • Template:YouTube User (smugtroll; friend of trolls; (quote: "To the racist bigots (pantwearingdoomIV), illiterate half-wits (scilonsrsick) and the rest of you comic book-obsessed weirdos trying to follow my every move - Just go away! [...] I'm a Scientologist. Or am I? Who knows. Anyway, if you aren't one of the sub-human losers I mentioned above (although seeing as they come here every hour of every day, you probably ARE one of them. But hopefully you're someone else, hopefully a normal person who isn't stalking me), of reasonable intelligence, not prone to misusing the verb "own" and can string a sentence together, feel free to engage me in however manner you see fit. I might even reply.")


  • Template:YouTube User (friend of trolls (oschaper / 4getxenu, xemutv, fuckanon, biglizard45), has a pro-CoS video fave'd, mostly seems young, ignorant and confused (quote: "Scientology is a great thing, in the hands of the right people, with true purpose in mind.") Anon says: "This little $cientology loser has started sending me videos for whatever reason. I guess they are hopeful I'm stupid and will buy into it.")
  • Template:YouTube User (Friend of trolls; a.k.a. daxter137; has FYIAD symptoms, only it's FYIAVampire instead. (quote: "Everyone is a enmey so fuck you so much bitches." Is probably harmless lamer.)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; friend of trolls; (quote: "Freedom Magazine, published by the Church of Scientology International in the United States, and its 20 affiliated editions of magazines and journals published by Scientology churches in 16 more countries, conduct investigative reporting in the public interest and bring answers to issues of vital interest to society. Contribute your information to ongoing investigations.")
  • Template:YouTube User (verified xemutv sock. "Likes to leave messages on other peoples pages but deletes the ones on his")


  • Template:YouTube User (CoS apologist, friend of trolls (biglizard45, scientologyson, drugfree59), anti-psychiatry.)
  • Template:YouTube User (verified draziom99 sock; spoofing a legitimate Anon GUMBYtheUNSTOPPABLE to discredit Anon)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS, possible sock, "concern troll," posts abusive comments on Anon videos, complains about "religious bigotry.")


  • Template:YouTube User (PN, spams memorial videos for victims of Narconon; harasses Anons, confirmed to still be live as of January 2009)
  • Template:YouTube User (Friend of trolls; "Likely harmless, but has a weird fascination with Reptilians / Icke. LOL.")


  • Template:YouTube User (Verified Butterfiygrrl sock, spoofing legitimate Anon LindiVid to discredit Anon)
  • Template:YouTube User (PN, sock; "Exists only to boost "narconon" search engine hits on YT, I suspect, like most narconon-related YT accounts.")


  • Template:YouTube User (CoStard, probable biglizard45 sock; friend of trolls, prolific pro-Sci video regurgitation)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; "nominated for buddying up to that Butterfiygrrl failfgt and claiming to be neutral about Anonymous and the cult but sticking an oar in anyway." Advise Anons to observe, for now.)
  • Template:YouTube User (Ian Clarkson, John Fordham, Ken Smith, Peter Howell, Alex Douglas, Vince Hurley are Scilons; don't confuse with Anon thejiveaces)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; friend of trolls; (quote: "I'm a Scientologist living in East Grinstead. I used to work at the drug rehab Narconon and I now help the Citizens Commission on Human Rights UK in various ways, and members of my family work at the Church of Scientology London.")
  • Template:YouTube User (probably harmless ex-Sci; "claims to be sick of both Anon and CoS", but friend of trolls, and claims Anon uses "hate speech".)
  • Template:YouTube User (pro-CoS / anti-gay / anti-psychiatry videos; friend of trolls like ShaySpirit75, xemutv, AnonPawnBeGone, biglizard45 and more)


  • Template:YouTube User (a YT buddy of VaLLarrr's; "profile is full of redneckery and animal death / torture / abuse".)


  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; (quote:"Anon fails. Mudkipz suck. *chan is powerless. Scientology is thriving. Rick roll is Gay. Longcat is short.") Trying too hard, methinks.)
  • Template:YouTube User (Friend of trolls (quote: "ATTN CHANOLOGISTS Your cause is failing. You are nothing more than a bunch of PA moralfgts serving the interests of idiots. How are you Anonymous? You protest.

You are out in the streets, parading around. Do you honestly think that going out into the streets and parading around like idiots, spouting off memes, which do give off something about us, by the way, is destroying a cult? If you do, I am truly sorry to burst your bubble, but, it isn't.")

  • Template:YouTube User (verified Butterfiygrrl sock, spoofing legitimate Anon LordDelaware to discredit Anon)
  • Template:YouTube User ("Spoofed LRonHu88ard] channel, then attempted to piss of the chans (read his profile). He attempted bait for me to login into the attached yahoo-email account. He also informed me he is the one who spoofed Stu's Plywatch.")
  • Template:YouTube User ("Tom Newton downrates Anon vids and trolls that Anon is a hate group." "This asshole is a TomNewton237 sock puppet.")


  • Template:YouTube User (suspected sock; claims Anon are religious bigots; currently inoffensive; (quote: "My wife and i are faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but we are also Scientologists. We are both very dedicated Conservative Republicans".))
  • Template:YouTube User (PN, "NarCONon counselor that can't stay away from all the Narconon victim vigil videos with her crap")
  • Template:YouTube User ("Some trolls just take all the fun out of tracking them down. Probably moralfagsRthecancer's sock.")
  • Template:YouTube User (Butthurt emo and friend of trolls like Butterfiygrrl. (quote: "put this on your page [lame "emo" ASCII art deleted] if you support the emos, killing of the anonymous legions bad seed AKA keyboard warriors." Has anti-Anon videos; but they seem to predate Chanology.)
  • Template:YouTube User (anti-protest comment troll; friend of trolls; (quote: "Chanology is Epic Fail! O, BTW, IM A OSA SPY! I WORK SCIENTOLOGY! they pay me to make these videos! and i will clear you of all booty theatens!! HALLA @ mah boi, L Ron!!!"))


  • Template:YouTube User (PN; friend of trolls. "Exists only to boost "narconon" search engine hits on YT, I suspect, like most narconon-related YT accounts.")
  • Template:YouTube User (PN, "Another shadow account to make Narconon look more popular and legitimate than it really is, much like all the other Narconon puppet accounts.")


  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; "Seems to be a decent chap. Problem: is tight with some of the nastiest trolls on YouTube.")


  • Template:YouTube User ("Seems to be an anti-moral fag troll. He makes shittier videos than I do which frankly amazes me", trolls Anons)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; friend of trolls; probable biglizard45 sock; whines about 'religious freedom'; (quote: "Unless you have read the Scientology's books directly you have no real knowledge on the matter. People want to create a lot of stories not knowing the real facts about the subject matter. This is wrong and interferes with people's progress. [...] We are supposed to have freedom of religion in this country! Saying something is spam says nothing about being a cult, just that those comments made are irrelevant and bad."))
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; admiralsarjbosa sock, friend of trolls (Butterfiygrrl? moralfagsRthecancer? O RLY?), subscriber to pro-Chanology and OG accounts,and irritated Anons are crying "BS".)
  • Template:YouTube User (Whines about Anon being "religious bigots" and attention whores; promotes Scientology heavily, including a Freewinds fanboy video)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; "powersoulboy, stillonvacation, and ddollhoff (the first two are definitely the same person, and the third is either another sockpuppet or a buddy of the other guy). All three of these characters reference each other, defend each others statements, POST AT THE SAME TIME OF DAY, and mostly like to insist that they are involved in humanitarian projects which are more beneficial to the world than protesting Scientology while refusing to keep an open mind and look at any relevant information you may have about the dangers of Scientology")
  • Template:YouTube User (Nominated as a friend of trolls, but seems harmless and admits to adding anyone who asks. Don't re-list, unless s/he actively harasses or trolls Anons.)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; "He tries to pass himself off as a U. S. Army Ranger when he threatens/stalks you over PM, but he's not.")



  • Template:YouTube User (Butthurt emo ["I SUPPORT EMO RIGHTS"] cozying up to Scitrolls to rail against Anons.)
  • Template:YouTube User (Whines about Chanology, uses Magoo's image as icon, (quote: "Anonymous -- the group that once had anarchic supremacy -- is dead. Anonymous has been replaced with Cowardice; you are now nothing but a bunch of whining liberals. You will do nothing. [...] I wonder when the 'Anonymous' clique will become bored, sometime soon I hope, because my term starts in about a month and I can't keep this up for too long. Has anyone in 'Anonymous' expressed any dissent against Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church? You haven't, unsurprisingly enough, and that's solely due to your remarkable lacking of morality and sense of real justice.") CRY MOAR; NYPA.)
  • Template:YouTube User ("A scilon douche from the Netherlands with no grasp of reality and a Karin Spaink fixation. He has a sock but I'll update later with it, name escapes me at the moment.")
  • Template:YouTube User (CoS apologist, promoting a Scientology course, friend of trolls but does not appear to troll himself; (quote: "This is a TV adaptation of the extremely popular course created by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion. [...] This TV adaptation of this comprehensive course consists of twenty-one 30 minute episodes based on the works of American philosopher and educator L. Ron Hubbard. I have chosen to turn off comments on this Channel as it is designed to educate viewers on the basic principles of Dianetics and Scientology, rather than acting as some sort of forum or chat room."))


  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; friend of trolls; pushing CoS vulture "ministers and the CoS version of the John Sweeney / Tommy Davis interviews for BBC Panorama. (quote: "I see from the comments and mails that lots of you are buying the nonsense there is about Scientology on the internet (and pretty much only on the internet as here every loser with a keyboard can type up some dirty fantasies and post them anonymously). There is a lot of lies around and I can see how hard it is to tell correct information from some vicious nonsense but repeating it lets you appear REAL stupid."))
  • Template:YouTube User (CoS apologist, "Another unpleasant troll who is so brainwashed I feel sorry for him")
  • Template:YouTube User (Scientologist. Friend of trolls. Conspiray theorist; anti-paychiatry. Also may be into David Icke's Reptilian Alien theories. Pro-CoS videos.)
  • Template:YouTube User (Busy little troll. Sockpuppeteer. Anon says: "Scygoons was back yesterday as scygoons1 but only for a few hours and closed again". It posts stupid and vaguely threatening crap on anti-cult videos but also pokes through channels that host anti-cult videos to find non-cult-related videos and pops comments on them, too. Claims "Xenu" is just a character in an unpublished LRH sci fi short story manuscript, for one. Claims psychiatrists hate Scientology because Scilons actually "help people." Obviously, is not very bright, nor capable of doing Google searches!)
  • Template:YouTube User (A particularly vile troll and a "Scientology lapdog" who uses bigotry to promote the Cult. Anon explains: "Just about every scientology apologist has this idiot as a friend! Need I say MOAR?" Another Anon adds: "He said, "I will slaughter you like the pig you are, cocksuck". This is Sewaras! Banned from YouTube, twice, for threatening Women. There's something VERY disturbing about him. This is misogyny in every sense of the word. Scary." Nice playmates you have there, Scientologists. Is this what you joined Scientology for? Hmm.)
  • Template:YouTube User (spoofing legitimate Anon, squilky1951; letter L in troll handle is a capital letter i)
  • Template:YouTube User ("Not sure what her deal is... seems to be standing with Scientology against 'bigotry'." A quote: 'Scientology improved everything in my life and I saw for myself.' Signs YT comments with "ARC, Shay." Scientologist troll, confirmed.)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS, CoS apologist, friend of trolls. "Mentions "thetans" in channel comments; may just be an all-around drama troll.")
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; anti-psychology; promotes CCHR, Way To Happiness and vulture ministers and CoS; (quote: "I am a Scientologist (and have been for 47 years so don't bother sending me silly messages about it."))
  • Template:YouTube User (CoStard "concern troll"--"The user account 'ShinDhara' is directly linked to IP

OrgName: Church of Scientology International OrgID: CSI-13 Address: 6331 Hollywood Blvd. City: Los Angeles StateProv: CA PostalCode: 90028 Country: US")

  • Template:YouTube User (PTS. "Dunno who she is, but you might want to look her up. I think she's just a misguided young lady, though. Just one to keep an eye on.")
  • Template:YouTube User ("powersoulboy, stillonvacation, and ddollhoff (the first two are definitely the same person, and the third is either another sockpuppet or a buddy of the other guy). All three of these characters reference each other, defend each others statements, POST AT THE SAME TIME OF DAY, and mostly like to insist that they are involved in humanitarian projects which are more beneficial to the world than protesting Scientology while refusing to keep an open mind and look at any relevant information you may have about the dangers of Scientology")


  • Template:YouTube User (Is a fake Anon; Anon says: "[He] got suspended but seems to have opened a FEW new accounts".)
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; friend of trolls; Major Scitroll (quote: "...if the Church does not claim the identities, "Church of Scientology", "Scientology", "Dianetics", etc. then as sure as Buddhists burn joss sticks, some critic will claim them. It might be worthwhile for the Church to grab up such site identities, where possible." (MAKE MOAR SOCKS!))
  • Template:YouTube User (PTS, (quote: "And here we have a religious zealot. They will shit on any religion they are not a part of, no matter how many young boys turn up molested by higher ups in their own? religion. So what's Bhuddism, then? Surely it's as old as Christianity. Wait, are you one of those people who tries to forcefully convert others, or denounce other religions while you ignore every fault of the one you follow?"))
  • Template:YouTube User (Note that zeroes are capiral "o"s. Verified Butterfiygrrl sock. Spoofing lgitimate Anon, thelonius2000 (all zeroes), to discredit Anon.)
  • Template:YouTube User (actively trolling; spoofing OG critic ToryMagoo44 to discredit critic, sock of ToryluvsLRH)
  • Template:YouTube User (spoofing OG critic ToryMagoo44 to discredit critic, possible sock of Butterfiygrrl)
  • Template:YouTube User (PN; "This luser cozies up to aggressive trolls like Butterfiygrrl, biglizard45 and ShaySoirit75. Avoid like herpes.")
  • Template:YouTube User (verified PsychCrumble sock. "He tries to pass himself off as a U. S. Army Ranger when he threatens/stalks you over PM, but he's not.")



  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; actively trolling; CoS apologist; don't confuse with VaLLLLarrr, which is an Anon counter-trolling for LULZ and great justice.)


  • Template:YouTube User (CoS apologist, friend to trolls, shill for Way To Happiness (quote: "The Way to Happiness is one of my favorite reference books. Check for more information (or my clips). ")


  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; Sock puppeteer: primary account of a bunch of socks. In other words, a whole bunch of people share one account, which allows xemutv to post nearly non-stop, day and night, all its harassment and nonsense all over YT. "Claims to be a Freezoner but defends the Church. He seems much more militant and delusional lately. This account is likely a group of people," "He actually sent me an email threatening my life!"; bitches about cost of CoS courses but is CoS apologist.)


  • Template:YouTube User (PTS; friend of trolls; "Unpleasant little troll who has a ear problem - So I hear ;)"; video titles include "The Psychiatrist And Other Criminals Of Man" and "Ex-Smack Head, Attention Whore And Free Air Miles Collector" (mocking Magoo). )



Please feel free to add your block list. Some of us have better things to do than smack down & clean up after butthurt Scitards on YT all day.

Blocked trolls are sad trolls.

Note also that if you pre-emptively block, they get frustrated trying to find a channel they are NOT blocked from to troll.

If you have set your channel / videos to private / Friends only / approved comments only, they will try to friend you specifically to annoy you with spammed nonsense. It only takes 30 seconds to delete and block after the fact, but by blocking known trolls and denying Friending pre-emptively, you don't have to waste your time doing even that.

Someone more savvy than I can comment about whether blocking a user from your channel panel also blocks them from marking legitimate video comments as spam, or making comments on your videos.

If you enjoy engaging trolls, you can UNBLOCK when you have some free time to bat them around and toy with them, and then re-block when you have better things to do.

Hope this helps.

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