This page is intended to show how Scientology silences protests. It includes a personal message from any protester that decides to stop his of her activities because of actions of the cult. Only people that have explicitly stated the reason for no longer protesting are included.

Lilly von MarcabEdit


The cult found out (her?) real identity and contacted her employer. Full details are unknown.

Personal MessageEdit

Posted on WWP on

I've got to remove myself Kids, I've got to remove myself from these efforts. The Scilons finally figured out who I am, and caused a big problem for me at work. It will probably turn out OK, but it is really, really scary and at this point in life I can't have these things escalate...

I know that some of you have been enduring fair game attacks for years or even decades, and I really admire your strength. I'm just not that strong, and I feel extremely vulnerable and in several kinds of danger.

I'll be on the sidelines, watching you win, but I myself can't participate any more...

I'm sorry.


AKA Lilly von Marcab

Aaron SaxtonEdit

Aaron is one of the Australian ex-members that recently spoke out trough senator Xenophone.


Three AVO's were filled against Aaron, although he was successfully in fighting the first one, he decided he wanted to stop protesting the cult to make these attacks stop.

Personal MessageEdit

This was posted on ESMB in February 2010. (

Hello All,

I am leaving the fight against the Cult. I'm Not just leaving ESMB or WWP.

I am still fighting this AVO, and now ANOTHER seperate AVO has been filed against me. Pages and pages of junk. I received it today. How many more court actions do they have awaiting? God knows...

Some may say that my comments on ESMB or through my protests have created the opportunity for the Church to file these matters. But people who have been SO and know the Church know this is not true. And only ex-SO who were near the top know what they are truely capable of.

They have targeted me and manufactured false evidence because the truth is that I have hurt their cause too much. And they will only go further.

In light of their failures, and despite the fact that the government is watching them, they continue to file these baseless charges against me. If the government of this country or any other country ever needed more proof that the Church of Scientology is hell bent on it's critics, they have got it now.

The emporer has no clothes.

And it is plain for any Senator to see. The media can see it. And the public of this country can see it.

Even before my first protest, before my first words were uttered in this country, the Church in New Zealand had PIs out and had charges against me filed with the New Zealand Police.

They feared me from the start.

I have a right to a great life. A peaceful life, to live a life with someone I love and to be surrounded by peace and prosperity. I should be able to laugh, and be a boy in my heart.

I never knew such evil. They would see my freedoms striped and for me not to see the day of light so they can continue their campaign of terror.

All I ever wanted was freedom for my fellow man. I never expected to have my private life thrown into the papers; aired before parliament and have my inner self displayed before the world and made public record. I will never have a private life again. The latest AVO has even obtained statements from my ex-wife.

The Cult of Scientology has no shame; no level they will not stoop to. I know they are guilty of crimes; even murder. And in America they know I know this. They are just flexing now what a billion dollars can buy - men to do anything.

Right from the word go when Xenophon aired, I knew what was coming. And so did they.

But I can not win against the Cult.

Moral support is great, but in a court, I need solicitors and funds to prepare the pages and pages of evidence against the AVOs and to prepare. I can't work and prepare pages of evidence. It is not something one does on a weekend when one finds an hour or so. Nor is it like fighting a speeding ticket.

This is Scientology I am up against.

I am just a guy sitting in a rented room, trying to get a decent job to get back into life again. And they pull me away at every chance, and they know what it costs me.

I am gone.

I am defeated. And so what? I am one critic. There will be 10 more that will rise, and in that I know their troubles at the Cult will only increase.

To those who I met through this battle and for who I am in touch with, I will be in touch.

Give support to those that speak out. And remember what the cost of freedom is. It can cost more than you want to give. Or can give. I gave everything I could.

Good luck to you all.

I said I wouldn't break, and that I would not stand down and see this to the bitter end. Sometimes one has to realise when one is outgunned.

My parting recommendation is to organize this fight properly, like a corporate structure with funding and centralized resource to win against them.

I would expect the Church to win in their cases this week against me, and obtain the interim orders against me. It is me in court versus their solicitors. They will publicize the fact that they got me under temporary restraining orders. And in the hearings that follow they may be upheld.

Remember the truth. Because the Cult will spread the lies about their victory against me.

My name is Aaron Saxton. I am a free man. And my soul will never be theirs.

As a parting gesture to the Sea Org, and I have no doubt this will be published as evidence against me in some trial or hearing:

To the Sea Org Command:

Free people have always been falled by more powerful, suppressive groups. Every single one of those suppressive groups eventualy fell into the history books as a bookmark.

And so will you.

That thunderous silence at night is not the gratification of the successful disposal of a critic, but the calm before the storm.

Better get your weather guages out, it is going to be a rough ride.

Buckle up. __________________ Aaron Saxton

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