OSA or Office of Special Affairs is the cults unit responsible for legal issues, intelligence and propaganda. They are thus the branch of the cult most likely to cause trouble to an Anonymous.

OSA head staffEdit

According to Geir Isene, the cult has a group of three main handlers for their enemies[1]:

  • Tommy Davis (also cult spokesman)
  • Jessica Feshbach (spouse of Tommy Davis)
  • Kirsten Caetano of OSA Int

Handler for Europe seem to be Anette Refstrup (Danish) from OSA EU.

OSA in Los AngelesEdit

Volunteers report to their DSA officers (Department of Special Affairs). DSA's report to their C/O OSA and then they in turn report to OSA Int (Los Angeles). Although these things are ALL technically part of the larger picture of the "OSA Network" only those mentioned here are ACTUALLY OSA since only Sea Org members can be in OSA. Thus, OSA is for the main part OSA in Los Angeles.

According to former OSA agent "Smurf", the current staff in LA consist off old-timers:

  • Kirsten Caetano, allso attached to head of OSA
  • Linda Hamel, Commanding officer, OSA Int
  • Tom Whittle
  • Acky Heinrich
  • Ken Long
  • Joan Long
  • Karin Pouw
  • Ed Parkin
  • Bob Adams
  • Charlie Earl
  • Jim Morrow
  • Judy Ross
  • Jeanne Gavigan
  • Celine Muir
  • Lynn Farney
  • Jean Callaghan
  • Steffano Beccaccini
  • Wendy Beccaccini
  • Beth Bond
  • Neil O'Reiley aka Joe Neal

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  1. Geir Isene, 25/19-09 The OSA ambush meeting
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