Proposed text for gathering global signatures of supportEdit


Honourable President and Members of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Australia,

Senator Xenophon said on 17th November that "what we are seeing is a worldwide pattern of abuse and criminality" by the Church of Scientology.

We, the undersigned, petition the Senate to

(a) support the call by Senator Xenophon for a Senate inquiry into the tax-exempt status of the Church of Scientology, and

(b) support the referral of evidence tabled by Senator Xenuphon, suggesting conduct by the Church of Scientology and its members that is unlawful according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and/or its States, to the police for investigation.


I affirm my support of the above from _____(PLACE)___ in ___(COUNTRY)____ on this day the _(DATE)nd_ of November, 2009


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