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Introduction Edit

Sydney is one of the most powerful Anon cells in the world. Some even say it was the success of the Sydney protests that got the Chanology ball rolling back in February 2008. These days, we hold monthly demonstrations outside ANZO (Scientology Asia-Pacific HQ) and other Scientology orgs. Virtually all of Sydney knows that Scientology is a failing bullshit cult, but we like to rub it in as much as we can. We are experts at enturbulation, pissing off Scilons and gatecrashing their events. All the while, we practice a near-perfect balance of lulz and srs bsns. We don't raise the bar. We ARE the bar, and you're severely missing out if you haven't been to our raids yet.

Regular protest locations Edit

  • Hyde Park Fountain (old meet up location)
  • Belmore park next to central (new meet up location)
  • 201 Castlereagh St (Now closed org)
  • Sydney Town Hall (old location)
  • Greek St, Glebe (AOSH ANZO)
  • 4 Hercules St, Surry Hills (new Temp Org)
  • Central station (flyering/petitioning)
  • Railway square (flyering/petitioning)

Regular Anon Media Edit

Press Edit

In progress... (not really)

Raid History Edit

February 10th : Operation Lisa McPherson
March 15th - Operation Party Hard  : Planning thread, Postgame thread
April 12th - Operation Reconnect : Planning thread, Postgame thread
May 10th - Operation Fair Game : Planning thread, Postgame thread, Another postgame
June 14th - Operation Searrrg : Planning, Postgame
July 12th - Operation copypasta (miniraid) :
July 26th - Operation Anonville : Planning, Postgame
August 3rd - Operation gatecrash (IAS patrons ball miniraid) :
August 16th - Operation Tax the Cult : Planning, Postgame
September 14th - Operation Flyerpocalypse (miniraid)
September 20th - Operation Childs Play : Postgame
October 18th - Operation Thetan Busters : Planning, Postgame
November 8th - flashraid : Postgame
November 15th - flashraid : Postgame
November 22nd - Operation November Rain : Planning, Postgame
December 20th - Operation? : Planning, Postgame
January 10th - fail flashraid
January 17th - Operation? : Postgame
February 14th - Operation Chaniversary : Planning, [1]
March 14th - Operation Party Harder : Postgame
April 18th - Operation We've run out of witty names :
May 16th - Operation Mayday :
June 20th - Operation Searrrg II : Planning Postgame
July 4th - New org ribbon cutting flashraid : planning
July 18th - Operation Bodyroute : Planning, Postgame
August 22nd - : Postgame
September 12th - : Postgame
October 10th - : Postgame
October 31st - Halloween raid : Postgame
November 21st - Xenophon Raid : Postgame
December 19th - Christmas Raid : Postgame
Decemeber 30th - NYE Event Raid : Postgame
January 16th - Mark Hanna lol : Postgame
February 13th - Chaniversary II : Postgame
March 13th - Mini Party Hard raid : Postgame
March 20th - LRH Birthday event Raid : Postgame

+ More flashraids

Contact Edit

  • ASYD - Anonymous Sydney main operating hub
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