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Former Church of Scientology members who have spoken out 307
List of Scientology-Affiliated Policitians 113
Why We Protest Scientology Wiki 57
Scientology and racism 49
Scientology Suicides 27
Scientology lawyers (all) 16
Pay, wages and stipends in Scientology 13
WISE Scientology's Extortion Racket 13
Scientology-Firmen Schweiz 9
Homo novis 8
List of celebrities that mock Scientology 7
Scientology, Satanism, Left-Hand-Path 7
Scientology deaths 7
Accounts of Scientology's Disconnection Policy by Former Members and Others 7
List of leaked lectures 7
E-meter 6
List of lies made by L. Ron Hubbard 4
List of lawsuits lost by Scientology 4
Chronology of publications on Scientology 4
List of staff at Gold Base 3
David J. Schindler 3
IAS Donors (2006) 2
Scientology Financial Fraud 1
Toronto Org 1
Video library 0
Spamalot 0
List of transriptions translations and subtitling 0
Children in Scientology and the Sea Organization 0
WISE Standard practices 0
Scientology lawyers 0
Legal information search sites 0
Howto/File an IRS 501(c)(3) complaint 0
Scientology Fair Game 0
Scientology kills 0
Ordinance 884 0
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