• AnonFTW - web developer, AJAX, xhtml, javascript, Adobe Flex, C#, php, sql, windows and linux server skills
  • Sortawant - XHTML/HTML/CSS, JavaScript & AJAX, CSS, PHP, Java, C++, Python, Unix admin. Lieks mudkips
  • ClambakeFanatic - XHTML + CSS? lolk
  • innocuous security consultant (code review) dev consultant (implementation advice)
  • Maelstrom PHP, XHTML, CSS, Ajax, SQL, etc etc. Web designer by trade.
  • Anonymii PHP, XHTML, CSS, SQL, some Ajax


If you can do your magic in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Zend, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS2, or any other web shit out there, drop your name here. Designfags: if you post a .gif or .jpg of your work, POST RAW FILES TOO!

  • Feuervononymous, in charge of Photoshopping, CS3-ing and other graphics stuff.
  • fiends, can do graphics of all sorts, web design, and can also fly. Check out the flyer gallery and add/verify translations. (sidekick)
  • TheGreeter will edit and review. Can create if needs be. (sidekick)
  • ShopVet - can drink soda, push a broom, photoshopz/web design, videoz (head janitor)
  • Hybrid_k8 - Can do graphics, video and sound editing. Also a photographer... Ily's Hysteria bac0z he can do syk shit on da uter, he is da HTML mastaaaaaaa
  • Headless - can make 1337 graphix.
  • A.Non Hubbard - ^
  • Anon185 - can do graphics, css , xhtml .
  • RGB - Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, Fireworks CS3, Microsoft Expression Design, Microsoft Expression Web(Studying Flash CS3 & Javascript)
  • Anon4Choice - Graphics & Web - Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop.


  • gregg - Server admin (unix/linux 12 years,) lots of bandwidth available. I will offer up backup services to whoever ends up running the main servers. I can also offer 20+ TB of bandwidth a month for various pieces of the pages if needed.
  • d3mi4n - SysAdmin, Currently working on an archive of Utube/Google Vid clips re: Co$/Anon
  • Guy Falkes - Got tons of free space on FTP server and website. Backup, secondary site, mirror, whatever.

Organization Edit

  • XenuThe2nd- general coordination, quality-control, PR/marketing concepts
  • TheGreeter - general coordination, content (peer) review.
  • parad0x - general coordination, wiki-admin
  • Oryx - general coordination, quality-control, content review.
  • gregg - general coordination, runs the wiki.
  • iridium - peer reviewer, user-tester
  • Rorschach - Sysop/Wiki veteran/recruiter (drunk)
  • ChanServ sets mode +q #website ClambakeFanatic (IRC channel founder)


  • Einstein can help out with the Political Section
  • Xenuclosedthepool can help with articles and copypasta needing to be written.
  • gregg can help getting by getting the press releases up as they go out to the press.
  • ShopVet - fact checking
  • Transientox - Philosophy of the worldwide Anonymous Movement, research on Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard
  • ClambakeFanatic - Grammar Notsee
  • Hybrid_k8 - Lives in Australia and reports in the latest news on Anonymous and the CoS in Australia.
  • AdventWeed - Question man
  • Anon_imus - Writes things and such.
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