Intro Edit

This outlines the current proposal for the landing page. It is to be discussed and modified at the meeting on FEB 16 at 20:00 EST. Other site sections are to be conceptualized at a later time.

Screenshot Edit


Admin: Please enable the fucking file uploads!

Symbolism Edit

Rather than using high-contrast black&white the conflict is symbolized by two shades of gray, Anonymous, obviously being the lighter. The ying-yang reminiscent swirl symbolizes the clash of two entities and the blurred frontlines of that battle. At the center (red swirly thing) there is the core of the conflict – information – information CoS wants to suppress; information Anonymous wants freely available.

Functionality Edit

The red arrow indicates the position of the mouse pointer to generate the appropriate highlighting. Rolling over the dark side would produce a similar list of questions, with similar highlight effects for Scientology. Images are contextual to the question the mouse is being rolled over. Clicking on a question, expands the answer to fill the screen, with collpse button and a few other relevant links. Clicking on either Scientology or Anonymous link at the bottom would redirect the visitor to a more detailed section of the site (to be conceptualized later).

Red Button Edit

Clicking the red piece of shit in the center would (after some cool FX) play the famous YTMND Scientology video. Permission from the author is desireable. A rollover effect creating either an I with a dot underneath, or a exclamation mark above could be done. Combo of both is possible too. Some floating tip explanation would likely be helpful.

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