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Who is Anonymous? Edit

Anonymous is a group of people who gather on the internet to act upon ideas. Anonymous is a faceless, leaderless organization.

Anonymous has members from all over the globe making it an international group. Anonymous creates a place where ideas can be free flowing and discussed upon. Anonymous has spear-headed the protests against the Church of Scientology, and brought about world wide attention and support in their cause.

- The Guardian - The Economist - The LA Times -

Why is Anonymous protesting against the Church of Scientology? Edit

Anonymous is protesting against the Church of Scientology for a number of reasons: humans rights violations, the "Church's" policies like "Fair Game," and its tax exemption, among many other reasons.

Anonymous is not protesting the religion, the faith, because Scientology is neither. Or the right to have the faith of your choosing, but the procedures and practices of the Church and the harm they've caused to thousands. Anonymous is against their fair game policy, their tax-exempt status despite being operated like a business, and their violations of basic human rights.

Why does Anonymous wear masks during protests? Edit

Anonymous wears masks to prevent their identities from being known. If people knew who we were then we are not really Anonymous at all.

Anonymous also wears masks to protect them from being Identified by the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology has a history of litigating/harassing their critics. And for that very reason Anonymous members hide their faces.

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