Basically, the CoS site will be layed out in a simple, brief, yet informative manner. Some basic guidelines:


  • One screen of text per page. This is a MUST. we do not want to alienate users with a Wall of Text
  • Keep the information on each page brief, in keeping with the above.
  • In order to give more detail after the above restrictions, each page should have a few links to more detailed sections on each subject.
  • Again, each sub-page is one screen of brief, informative text, with sub-pages containing more info.


  • The content should be simply written, in an easy to access format.
  • Do not make the pages overtly hostile. Just simply list facts, and let the facts speak for themselves.
  • In keeping with the above, all facts should, in fact, be factual. Only use verifiable information.
  • Some facts, even if they are real, are just to odd to be believable to most people. Dont list these. Keep these for a later date, when people wont be put off by them.
  • Less concentration on Xenu; more attention to their crimes.

  • DO NOT USE ILLEGAL MATERIAL. Dont use copyrighted/secret CoS documents. Keep this site completely legal in every way. This way, the CoS will have nothing on us if they try and shut us down. <<< Site will post links to secret CoS documents hosted elsewhere. Domain reg and site hosting will be moved offshore. Good luck to CoS trying to sue us.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.